‘Tyler Perry’s Boo 2’, ‘Geostorm’ top box office where people actually paid to see those things

Madea is indeed frightening.

Halloween is still another week away, yet already Tyler Perry has managed to take first place for that same damn costume he wears every year. Over the weekend, Perry’s Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween topped the box office, bringing in over $21 million on just a $25 million budget. Boo indeed, Madea. Boo indeed.

Meanwhile, Geostorm took in an estimated $13.3 million. That’s a pretty rotten opening for a $120 million would-be blockbuster, and a deserved showing at that: Geostorm is very, very bad. But it was still enough to take second place from fellow wide-release newcomers Only the Brave, The Snowman, and Same Kind of Different as Me. Only the Brave just made the top five with $6 million, but the Michael Fassbender thrills of The Snowman and the religious schmaltz of Same Kind of Different as Me didn’t appeal to audiences apparently looking for more broadly asinine entertainment. The two respectively debuted at eighth and twelfth.

Next weekend: we find out whether Jigsaw can draw in the horror-seeking Halloween fans who would probably be better off just staying in and watching Stranger Things. See you then.

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