Uncle Baby Ghouly: Walton Goggins joins Amazon’s Fallout

Just days after Netflix announced their BioShock movie, Amazon has finally given an update on their own adaptation of a long-running video game franchise people have been trying to get on the screen for ages.

It’s now said that Walton Goggins is set to join Amazon’s Prime Video series based on Fallout, the game about a post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic wasteland ravaged by nuclear war. It’s said Goggins will likely play a “ghoul”—one who survived the nuclear radiation but emerged horribly scarred yet with higher longevity and immunity to the fallout. You can already imagine how he’s going to chew it up calling non-ghouls “smoothskins”—drawing out the “oo” with a devilish drawl—and it’s fantastic. Well done, casting director.

Unfortunately, while the addition of Goggins is always a good thing, he alone cannot salvage a dubious video game adaptation. Tomb Raider has taught us this.

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