Venom series writer to also direct next one, because why not?

The Venom franchise is yet again changing hands in its ongoing effort to be unpredictably stupid.

Following director Ruben Fleischer’s very stupid Venom and Andy Serkis’s somehow stupider Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the third Venom is reportedly getting a new director: Kelly Marcel.

This will be Marcel’s first time behind the camera after screenwriting on the likes of the first two Venom films and Fifty Shades of Grey. As with Let There Be Carnage, she’ll also be writing this from a story co-conceived by star Tom Hardy—who seems to have joined fellow mush-mouthed muscle-man Vin Diesel in getting far too personally invested in one of his completely idiotic series.

It’s further said this will be “the final chapter” of the series, as Venom’s clock has run out and it is now, of course, Morbin’ time.

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