Wait, There’s a ‘Cop and a Half’ Sequel, and It Has a Trailer?

Well, here’s an unexpectedly desperate new addition to the growing pile of ’90s sequel-cum-remakes. It’s Cop and a Half: New Recruit, a film that, against any and all reason, is a follow-up to 1993’s critically-lambasted Cop and a Half.

Strictly adhering to the format of Dolph Lundgren’s similarly-inexplicable Kindergarten Cop 2, the straight-to-video film sees a new, faded star take on the role of “gruff officer frustrated by youthful antics.” While the original was led by Burt Reynolds, now it’s Lou Diamond Phillips collecting a paycheck for this thing. Ouija: Origin of Evil actress Lulu Wilson co-stars as the Half. In the apparent interest of modernizing the story, drones with lasers now figure heavily into the plot.

Cop and a Half: New Recruit arrives on DVD and digital August 1. Then, perhaps, we can finally get around to forcing Freddie Prinze Jr. into a straight-to-video Turner & Hooch.

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