Watch Another Dying Teen Find Life, Love in the ‘Everything, Everything’ Trailer

Everything, Everything is the latest young-adult adaptation to follow the trail of dying teenagers left behind The Fault in Our Stars, The Fault in Our Stars, The Space Between Us, and If I Stay. The Hunger Games‘ Amandla Stenberg stars as a girl who seems to have developed whatever was going on with the Bubble Boy. She lives an isolated existence, unable to leave her awesome, strangely-futuristic home for fear that she’ll die. So when a neighbor boy (Jurassic World‘s Nick Robinson) starts to woo her through texts and notes, their romance is limited to contact on either side of glass—like the love of Kirk and Spock near the end of either Star Trek 2. That isn’t enough for these two, though. As porn-site ads so often remind us, horny teens in your area–and, indeed, every area—need sex. Thusly, the young couple decide to risk her life itself for the chance at “just one perfect day” of swimsuits, candle-lit dinner, and kissing. She follows that by going straight to the emergency room, though, so good call on that original diagnosis, doctors. You nailed that one. This film’s for you.

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