Watch Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario fight over some dude, get mostly naked in the ‘Layover’ trailer

Like a modern update of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue, The Layover appears equally intended as something for straight women to absentmindedly scan and for straight men to use as a depressingly tame masturbatory aid. The comedy sees Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario being called on for the talents they showed respectively in The Other Woman and Baywatch. Those talents being a gameness for cheap, broad laughs and for jiggling in swimwear. The duo star as best friends whose careers have taken a dive thanks specifically to a couple East Asian cultures. Their solution: take a vacation in Florida. Unfortunately, their plan to relax gets derailed when they end up fighting over some hunk who sat between them on the plane. In other words, it’s a gender-swapped take on 2012’s equally hard to fathom This Means War—but now the espionage warfare has been replaced by the male gaze. Specifically, William H. Macy’s gaze: he’s for some reason made this his feature follow-up to Rudderless, directing from a script co-written by It’s Always Sunny writer and co-star David Hornsby.

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