Watch the new ‘Disaster Artist’ trailer, unless you just a little chicken—cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep!

What could possibly match the unfathomably bizarreness of The Room? Well, probably nothing. But judging by this trailer for The Disaster Artists, seeing Hollywood actors recreate the film and its backstory comes pretty damn close.

Based on the same-titled memoir from Greg “Mark” Sestero, The Disaster Artist sees James Franco directing as well as playing the role of Tommy Wiseau—the enigmatic, absolutely bat-shit writer-director of notoriously wretched cult favorite The Room. In this bizarro reality, Dave Franco is Sestero, Zac Efron is Dan “Chris-R” Janjigian, Josh Hutcherson is Philip “pervert Denny” Haldiman, Ari Graynor is Juliette “LISA!” Danielle, Nathan Fielder is Kyle “Peter” Vogt, Jacki Weaver is unconcerned breast cancer victim Carolyn Minnott, and Seth Rogen plays a script supervisor by way of that friend who shows you The Room and won’t shut up about all the little things you should be mocking. And if it’s not already Apatow-ian incestuous enough, Judd Apatow himself also makes an appearance in this trailer. It’s incredibly weird to see, but like its inspiration, it also seems wildly fascinating. We can all see for sure when the film hits theaters December 1.

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