Watch a New Trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s Experimental Sci-Fi Shorts Collection

After making a few feature-length efforts, in which everyone had skin and no one was a living skeleton sparsely stretched with sinew, director Neill Blomkamp is returning to short films and also tossing some horrific Hollow Man imagery in there. Have a look with this new trailer for Oats Studios, Vol. 1, a collection of 20-minute-ish, experimental sci-fi shorts from the District 9 director. The trio of films feature the likes of Sigourney Weaver, Dakota Fanning, and a floating human nervous system that probably experiences nothing but pain—plus, ew, a lady’s head that’s blown apart enough where you can see her entire eyeballs. Gross. The yucky shorts will be streaming on YouTube and Steam at an undisclosed date in the near future.

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