Watch These Wonderfully Brutal Claymation Shorts for ‘The Belko Experiment’

You may know director-animator Lee Hardcastle from his gory genre claymation work like The Raid but with cats, “The Thing” Meets “Frozen”, A Good Clay to Die Hard, John Carpenter’s “Pingu”, the part in The ABCs of Death with a clay toilet, or this music video with a pliable Robo-Cop in it. As far as blood-spurting clay goes, he’s in a revolting class of his own—and now he’s brought his gross talents to these new promos for The Belko Experiment.

As we’ve seen in the film’s trailer, The Belko Experiment is basically Battle Royale in an office building, and joyfully, literally goes for the jugular on the concept. Sure to be nauseating for Gumbies and Mr. Bills alike. Probably not safe for your own office building, either.

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