Wednesday‘s Addams parents have been cast, and they’re not at all who you’d figure

Well, here’s your new Addams family matriarch and patriarch. And, in a rarity, they’re not really who you’d figure Tim Burton would get.

The Netflix series Wednesdaytheir Burton-directed show that takes a particularly odd take on the already-odd Wednesday Addams—has reportedly cast its Morticia and Gomez Addams.

Were you expecting Burton would just go with his three-time star Eva Green for Morticia? We all were! Yet instead, Burton became the first person in a decade to think about Catherine Zeta-Jones to nab her for the role.

Did you think Johnny Depp might slum it in a Netflix series for his old pal Tim to take on another mustachioed role? Not the case! Luis Guzmán will be the one playing Gomez. It’s interesting, because Guzmán definitely has an Addams-level weirdness to him, but is it really Gomez weirdness? So we’ll see.

The pair will be starring opposite Jenna Ortega, who months ago scored the title role. It’s unclear why Tim Robinson still hasn’t been cast as Uncle Fester.

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