Weekend Box Office: ‘Fate of the Furious’ Breaks Global Records, Various Cars

NOW KISS (they do)

Over the Easter weekend, our savior, he returned, and he did jump his cool-ass car over a nuclear submarine; and his people rejoiced, because that part was pretty awesome.

As the only new film in wide release, Fate of the Furious easily topped the domestic box office, bringing in just over $100 million to make for the second-biggest opening of the year (Beauty and the Beast still has the top spot there). But it was the latest Fast/Furious‘s international release that was the bigger story. Dropping in over 60 territories, the sequel reportedly set new records both abroad and worldwide. Its $432.3 million from non-U.S. markets was enough to break Jurassic World‘s international record. And when its local haul is factored in, its $532.5 million worldwide debut is also enough to top Star Wars: The Force Awakens record-setting $529 million opening. Truly, there is no language more universal than KRSHHHH, KA-BOOSH, [Vin Diesel grumble].

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