We’re getting another Superman

As we’ve learned through various Batmen and Spider-Men, the big-name superheroes are ephemeral, pet store fish that come and go in equal measure, their fate never certain in Hollywood’s dreadfully overstuffed tank.

While it remains unclear whether Henry Cavill’s Superman is about to get flushed or he’s just sort of in a weird half-float he’ll recover from, one thing is certain: another Superman is about to be plunked in his bowl.

Shadow and Act is reporting that acclaimed journalist, author, comic book writer, and Genius Grant recipient Ta-Nehisi Coates has signed on to write the screenplay for an all-new Superman film. Sources have told The Hollywood Reporter that this new take is framed around Superman being black—which makes a lot of sense given Coates’s race-conscious work.

Yesterday, a misunderstood press release from Hasbro about Mr. Potato Head being labeled as gender neutral led to a massive outcry from conservatives. So this will probably be fine!

Anyway, in actually upsetting news, J.J. Abrams is producing. You had your chance, asshole!

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