Will Smith Teams Up with an Orc in Netflix’s First ‘Bright’ Teaser

If you’ve ever hoped to see the movie End of Watch as it would play out in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, you’re in luck! Later this year, just such a thing is coming to Netflix with Bright. Directed by David Ayer (End of Watch, Suicide Squad) and written by heir arrogant Max Landis (Victor Frankenstein, self-satisfied tweets), the film returns Men in Black star Will Smith to the buddy-cop-with-a-dorky-twist genre. Smith plays a police officer partnered with an orc (Joel Edgerton) in a fantasy version of Los Angeles where humans and fantasy creatures live side by side. As you’ll see in this first teaser, it’s not entirely unlike Transformers: Age of Extinction‘s fantasy world where humans and robot cars live side by side. In that this alternate reality also blatantly raises an aluminum glass to cool, refreshing Bud Light. Bright will share Bud Light’s distinction of being cheap and easily consumed while slumped in a couch when it hits Netflix this December.

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