Willem Dafoe back with Robert Eggers, Count Orlock for Nosferatu

Willem Dafoe just can’t get enough of that delightful Count Orlock fellow! Nor of his Lighthouse director Robert Eggers!

According to Deadline, Dafoe is set to reteam with Eggers for his next project, a new reimagining of Nosferatu. It star Bill Skarsgård is already set to play Count “Nosferatu” Orlock, again lending his hauntingly modelesque features to the world of pallid ghouls. Lily Rose-Depp is playing the fair young object of Orlock’s obsession. Renfield star Nicholas Hoult apparently can’t get enough of being in Dracula knockoffs and will play an unknown role.

Dafoe’s role, too, is unknown—but also like Hoult, it will return him to the vampirism of his past. He famously already played Count Orlock in 2000’s meta Nosferatu making-of, Shadow of the Vampire. Truly there’s no escaping Dracula’s curse of unsanctioned adaptations several-times removed.

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