Willow returns in the trailer for Willow (but a series now)

Is a new generation discovering the modest but memorable charms of Willow? Maybe? Either way, that’s at least the premise for Ron Howard’s like-titled follow-up to his 1988 fantasy. See for yourself with the series trailer.

Headed to Disney+, the new Willow sees a group of youths—one being the daughter of reformed baddie Sorsha, another being Tony Revolori—tracking down the titular sorcerer when he’s needed to fight a new evil. It definitely has the legacy sequel scent of the recent Star Wars trilogy on it—especially given that the original Willow, too, was one of George Lucas’s genre exercises. But, thankfully, it also comes with a lot less baggage, lower expectations, and a less desperate fan base than a Star War. It’s not like anyone in 2022 is making Willow memes every day.

We could totally start, though.

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