Wolvering Hurting So, So Much in First ‘Logan’ Trailer

The lugubrious notes of Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” cover begin to play. Hugh Jackman sits alone in a wasteland; he scrunches his face, seemingly near Jackman-tears; he takes a solemn pull from a bottle, mourning alone at a funeral; he gazes intensely at his own reflection in a dingy bathroom mirror.

Yes, from this first trailer for Logan, it’s clear that this is the Wolverine film that will be the most deliberate, on-the-nose dour of the claw-hand man series. And it seems it will also sort of be the True Grit of the franchise, as now we’ve got a haggard, grizzled, yet still terribly ripped Jackman going around the dystopian Wild West with a pre-teen girl as his charge. Fellow X-Men stalwart Patrick Stewart co-stars, taking on an even more grandfatherly role than usual as a Professor Xaviver that now just lays around in a hospital bed waiting for Logan to drive him and share an early supper.

The film hits theaters March 3. It will be Jackman’s final time playing the title part, so really soak in all the clawin’ it up he’s doing here.

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