Wonder Trailer Gives a Nice Message an Awfully Cloying Face

Essentially the Son of Mask to Peter Bogdanovich’s 1985 Mask, Wonder gives a younger and certainly more cloying take on the boy-with-a-facial-deformity genre. While Mask was based on the true story of Rocky Dennis, Wonder is based on a book based on a Natalie Merchant song (seriously). Room standout Jacob Tremblay stars as Auggie, a young man who suffers from Treacher Collins syndrome, leaving him insecure about his unusual looks. In his first time attending a proper school after a lifetime of homeschooling, some of his fellow students are unsurprisingly cruel. But then some other kids are nice, and Auggie makes friends. From the looks of this trailer, that’s about it. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson co-star as the supportive, well-to-do parents that endlessly spew their warm, sweet wisdom upon him. The Perks of Being a Wallflower‘s Stephen Chbosky directs from a script by the fittingly mawkish Steve Conrad (The Pursuit of Happyness, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty). Wonder hits theaters November 17.

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