WORTH the wait: Worthington is back in Avatar: The Way of Water trailer

It’s been a long wait, but next month, it finally arrives: a new Sam Worthington movie. Can you believe it’s been over six months since seeing Worthington light up the (Hulu) screen in 9 Bullets? It’s crazy, right? But he’ll soon be back with Avatar: The Way of Water, and here’s the new trailer.

In one word: wow. Wow. The follow-up to the biggest movie of all time of course has huge expectations looming, but can you believe the improvement? Sam Worthington has grown so much! Even from a purely technical standpoint, it’s hard not to marvel at his technique! When a digital reconstruction of him as a striped, blue, feline-esque alien with glowing freckles shakes hands with a CGI whale… it’s a masterclass.

We’ll see how else the world of Worthington has evolved when James Cameron’s new cartoon hits theaters December 16.

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