Yeah, we’re thinkin’ John Wick is back (in two years)

As revealed in John Wick: Chapter 3′s closing moments—and every other Wick chapter’s closing moments, for that matter—John Wick has emerged from his many victims hurt but alive. And this time, he’s even more angry for revenge than the prior times he was angry for revenge.

So, naturally, he’s going to get it. (Again.) He’ll just have to wait a couple years.

Yesterday, Lionsgate announced a May 21, 2021 release date for John Wick: Chapter 4. Star Keanu Reeves and action maestro-cum-director Chad Stahelski aren’t officially attached, but their return seems likely. Just last week, series writer Derek Kolstad suggested as much, explaining to Polygon why Parabellum so clearly sets up a sequel, saying, “Keanu loves this movie, loves this character. Chad loves this world. […] There was a larger world to explore and they wanted to delve into it.”

Watch out, Wes Anderson: seems you have some challengers for killing dogs on screen.

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