You will no longer find Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts

It seems the crimes of Grindelwald are not to include spousal abuse.

Without getting into who is or isn’t guilty of abuse between Johnny Depp and ex-spouse Amber Heard, earlier this week, Depp lost a court battle over whether it was libelous for The Sun to label him a “wife beater.” Court documents reportedly laid out that “Mr. Depp did assault Ms. Heard.” And if you can call a shirt a wife beater, that assertion certainly makes Depp pass the test.

Consequently, Warner Bros. has decided they don’t want him to play mustachioed, heterochromatic, steampunk David Lynch warlock anymore. Per Depp himself:

No matter where your loyalties lie, have to respect the studio’s decision here. Just imagine not disowning someone central to the Harry Potter franchise if they ended up being a publicly recognized piece of shit.

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