Your new Hellboy is this damp man we love [Updated]

Your favorite actor in his mesh shirt.

As announced last week, there’s going to be a new Hellboy movie. Your new Hellboy? This guy: Jack Kesy.

If known at all, Kesy is probably best known for playing Black Tom Cassidy in Deadpool 2 and Gabriel Bolivar in FX’s The Strain. He also starred in Dark Web: Cicada 3301—a film written and directed by Alan Ritchson, the Reacher star we already said would have made a decent enough Hellboy himself. Instead, we’re getting this other, slightly smaller large man. Jack Kesy. We had Ron Perlman in a couple flawed but fun films, the Stranger Things guy in a fairly awful flick, and, now, Jack Kesy in a Hellboy movie that, following this degradation path, will likely be completely unwatchable.

The new film is also being directed by one of the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance guys, and it’s like, could we not just get David Lowery for another rebooted Hellboy instead of another rebooted Peter Pan, and do Hellboy himself as a burly body double with a CGI head and dubbed-over voice?

UPDATE: Some other actors you likewise probably don’t know have also reportedly joined the cast. Yellowstone‘s Jefferson White and Resident Evil‘s Adeline Rudolph will play Tom Ferrell and Bobbie Jo Song, respectively.

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