Yumma-yumma, check out Sandra Oh in the Umma trailer

Produced by Sam Raimi, Iris K. Shim’s feature directorial debut asks a simple question: What if a luddite beekeeper and single mother was haunted by her own dead mother’s ashes that had been shipped over from Korea? Have a glimpse at the answer with the trailer for Umma.

Sandra Oh stars in said role of beekeeper etc. And it seems like the idea here might be the “afraid of becoming your mother” idea going very literal. It looks pretty decent, but you never know when it comes to luddite beekeeper single mothers being haunted by their own dead mother’s ashes shipped over from Korea stories. (It’s also a tad worrisome the trailer is only hitting a couple weeks out from the film’s release.)

We’ll find out how it turns out when Umma hits theaters March 18.

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