Zack Snyder resurrects his zombie phase with Netflix’s Army of the Dead teaser

We all know Zack Snyder has returned to the crime of stuffing superhero movies with heavy-handed Christ imagery, but that’s not the only recent rise-from-the-dead recidivism from everyone’s favorite Visionary Director.

With Army of the Dead, Snyder has (as the title implies) returned to the zombie action genre where he first cut his teeth. Dave Bautista leads an ensemble cast through a world where the US was actually able to contain an epidemic. A zombie outbreak was kept to a walled-off Las Vegas, and Bautista and his team have been hired to retrieve a hidden fortune within before the city gets nuked.

Dawn of the Dead is arguably Snyder’s most unironically enjoyable effort, bolstered by a script from James Gunn and a nascent Snyder’s relative restraint. Army offers neither of those things, but you never know. Maybe he’ll surprise us. Perhaps with a zombie crucifixion.

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