Zack Snyder teases some BS about his Snyderverse

What is so broken in the brains of these DC comic book movie directors? First we had David Ayer still tweeting about the Joker he put in a movie in 2016. And now we have the guy who was already given a needless director’s cut of Justice League tweeting about something else to do with that garbage.

Today, at 9AM, Zack Snyder released a cryptic, desperate message: “INCOMING TRANSMISSION FROM LORD DARKSEID. APRIL 28-30 2023. SAVE THE DATE.”

Firstly, the transmission message comes in a label-maker punch-type font to look edgy, so presumably this message is delayed by about two decades. Secondly, the message is across three days!? This could have been an email, Darkseid. THEN Darkseid’s groaning voice insists, “Save the date”! Is he getting married or what?

Finally, there’s the “#fullcircle” hashtag. So then it’s like, is Snyder’s mess circling back around for the James Gunn remix? Or is this just going to be some stupid release of some CGI thing Snyder commissioned a few years ago?

We’ll apparently find out just how sad this is in just over a month. What a timely transmission!

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