Edgar Wright Considering ‘Baby Driver’ Sequel

Baby Driver‘s eponymous chauffeur may be hauling his iPod collection out again. Speaking to Empire, Baby Driver writer-director Edgar Wright just revealed that he’s considering a follow-up to his recently-released hit.

“The studio have asked me to think about writing a sequel and it is one of the ones that I might do a sequel to because I think there’s somewhere more to go with it in terms of the characters,” Wright said. “Baby has got to a new place.”

As to why he would make this his first true sequel, Wright added, “Most sequels you have to contrive something so they go back to square one, unless there’s somewhere deeper for them to go. I think with Baby Driver there’s more that you can do in that realm, and I sort of have an idea that if you did another [film] you would subvert his involvement in the crime in a different way so he’s not the apprentice anymore.”

It remains unclear why Baby can’t just sign up for Lyft or something.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Hmmm, it might have been more likely if the movie stopped about 15 minutes earlier, get a whole modern day Bonnie & Clyde type thing. I don’t really buy it with how the movie wrapped up though.

    • HalSolo

      Ending was a dream. He’s still in prison, no parole. Only way out… is to GET BACK IN THE GAME.

      • Pete Jones

        Yes this is it, great job

  • HoDaDor

    I don’t want a sequel. I agreed with the review Kevin had. This wasn’t his best work and fell kind of flat. It sucks because Antman would have been great. Now where does he go?

    He should do a CBM somewhere. If he were doing Flash that would have been great. I don’t see him going back to Marvel, though.