Joker’s wild… AT THE BOX OFFICE!

Despite being written just about as cleverly as this atrocious headline, Joker ended up being a real hit.

Over the weekend, the obnoxiously controversial film delivered Warner Bros. an estimated $93.5 million—setting a record for an October debut, having the fourth-highest R-rated opening ever, and being the first time anyone ever wanted to see a clown’s solo act.

Abominable came in second with $12 million, Downton Abbey somehow clung to third with $8 million, Hustlers fell to fourth at $6.3 million, and It: Chapter Two kept last weekend’s order going with a $5.4 million fifth.

Next weekend: we see whether current Will Smith—along with young Will Smith—still have their star power when Gemini Man hits theaters. Even though I swear I killed Gemini Man already in Mega Man 3.

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