Joss Whedon does Victorian lady X-Men in HBO’s The Nevers trailer

The over-revered Justice League director second chances just keep coming over at HBO! Following Zack Snyder’s needless mulligan, now we’ve got Joe Whedon tossing some more super-powered garbage at us with The Nevers.

As casual observation and Whedon’s own ex-wife has taught us, Joe loves to present his being a desperately horny nerd as feminism, and it’s never been more on display than here. The Astonishing X-Men writer here takes the idea of ostracized, superhuman mutants to the Victorian era. And now they’re almost entirely women!

To be fair and clear, if the series was led by a bunch of men, it wouldn’t even be noted, so it shouldn’t be a big deal that this is led by women. But to be just as fair and clear, coming from Joey Whedes, it is nauseatingly groan-worthy. Please stop letting this insufferable dweeb harass innumerable people in his efforts to get laid via supernatural grrl power. (Also to be fair and clear, HBO has reportedly pushed him out of the show he created, so now it’s only a residual grossness.)

Anyway, if you want to check out Whedon’s career death rattles, they hit HBO April 11.

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