Avatar: The Way of Water teaser: This sure is another, damper Avatar

Well, you have to at least give James Cameron one thing: he sure is true to his naïve vision of the gangling blue cat aliens having their nature adventures. See for yourself with the first teaser for his Avatar: The Way of Water.

With all the Marvels and Star Wars tossing in weird new characters, locales, and concepts, Cameron remains defiant. “No, it’s just those same exact freaks from the first movie. But, given over a decade of technological progress, now they can sometimes fulfill my increasingly-apparent water fetish. Still never looks real and it’s always a bit disquieting, but at least it’s underwater—now with Kate Winslet once again being forcibly submerged.”

It’s deranged, but it’s as pure and crystal clear in what it is as, well, you know.

The first of FOUR Avatar sequels will wet theaters this December.

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