Bradley Cooper will be Steven Spielberg’s Bullitt

Well, those old rumors of Bradley Cooper playing Indiana Jones never panned out, but it seems Steven Spielberg has found a different iconic part to be dubiously filled by the actor.

According to Deadline, Spielberg (Tiny Toon Adventures) has set Cooper to star as Lt. Frank Bullitt in a new movie centered on the fictional SFPD detective. Spielberg’s The Post writer Josh Singer is writing the screenplay.

Bullitt was of course previously played by the legendary Steve McQueen in a 1968 eponymous crime thriller famed for its car chase set piece. It’s said this is not a remake of that original film but “a new idea centered on the character.” But if B-Coops doesn’t at least blast a badass ride through the hilly streets of San Francisco, that is not Bullitt. That is bullshit.

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