Daniel Radcliffe-with-twin-guns meme desperately springs to life in the Guns Akimbo trailer

It’s perhaps telling that the meme of a dual-wielding Daniel Radcliffe came out almost two years before—and is far more evocative—than anything in this trailer for the film that spawned it, Guns Akimbo. But who knows!

Radcliffe stars as a cartoonist’s idea of how someone relaxes at home (fluffy robe, goofy slippers, you know) who ends up involved in some kind of real-life game where he gets guns bolted to his hands and has to square off against the new default “hot lady that can also handle a gun, wow!”, Ready or Not‘s Samara Weaving.

It’s basically Edward Fortyhands meets Crank meets Nerve meets, jeez, a half-dozen other things. Anyway, it looks fun in a smug, geeky way that is also pretty obnoxious to actually watch.

Guns Akimbo hits cinemas March 5, even though you’d have bet money it was going straight to video.

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