It’s The Knight Before Christmas, headed to Netflix, Vanessa Hudgens stars, and it looks like shit

Last Christmas hits theaters this weekend, but look what’s already on the way: another exceedingly Hallmark Channel-style Christmas rom-com that clearly started with the title and worked backward!

The Knight Before Christmas is Netflix’s latest attempt to break into that niche market by way of Vanessa Hudgens (if you missed it, they already tried with The Princess Switch, a film already lined up for a sequel next year). It’s almost exactly just 2001’s Meg Ryan-Hugh Jackman rom-com Kate & Leopold as made in the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas house style, Hudgens playing a small town teacher who falls for a medieval knight transported to present day somehow. Also, it’s Christmas, so the titular pun definitely plays.

We’ll see whether teacher and knight ever finally get R-rated together when this thing hits Netflix November 21.

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