Nicolas Cage fights amusement park animatronics in the Willy’s Wonderland trailer

The idea of animatronic, anthropomorphic animals going homicidal on the fritz has already been thoroughly explored across numerous Five Nights at Freddy’s games and The Banana Splits Movie. But Willy’s Wonderland, the latest to reinvent the Rock-afire Explosion as murderers, does have one interesting thing left out of those takes: Nicolas Cage.

Yes, Cage’s latest piece of genre schlock sees him in an abandoned amusement part, where, yet again, some once-cheery automatons are going apeshit. This first teaser doesn’t make Willy’s Wonderland look like much of a successor to the likes of Cage’s other recent, colorful horror output, but hey, could be fun. It would be a shame if Nicolas Cage screaming at a man-sized, bipedal robot cat wasn’t.

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