Over two years later, New Mutants gets a second trailer

Originally set to hits theaters in the spring of 2018, The New Mutants has since been pushed back twice. With Disney acquiring 20th Century Fox and all the studio’s Marvel holdings, at this point, you’d figure they’d just shelf their misbegotten X-Men spin-off altogether.

But no, it’s still supposedly coming out in April, now a full two years late—so here’s another trailer.

While the first trailer (from effing 2017) was all about budget horror clichés—jump scares, creepy faces pushing through walls of a gloomy old abandoned hospital—this one… Well, this one is mostly that too. It’s only the closing moments that reveal there’s a profoundly underexposed action set-piece climax to loosely qualify this as a superhero movie. Perfect for anyone who saw Venom and thought, “This combination of horror imagery and comic book bullshit is truly awful… but could it be worse?”

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