A neo-Nazi Kevin James gets Home Aloned in the Becky trailer

Forget the blue-collar goofball Kevin James you know and tolerate. Meet the new Kevin James—and he’s not a mall cop, a delivery man, a zookeeper, a fireman, nor whatever he was in Grown Ups.

In Becky, James plays antagonist to the title 13-year-old girl. He’s an escaped convict and neo-Nazi who’s after some kind of key MacGuffin. Becky apparently has that key, so James and his cronies take her dad (Joel McHale), her dad’s girlfriend, and the girlfriend’s son hostage in their own cabin. In turn, Becky goes Straw Dogs on their asses.

You can watch Paul Blart get his eye gouged out when Becky hits on-demand (and theaters, supposedly) June 5.

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