Adam Sandler gets serious courtside again for the Hustle trailer

In the wake of Adam Sandler’s Uncut Gems follow-up, Hubie Halloween, the Sandler pendulum has swung back toward the more dramatic and basketball-related. So you’ll see in this first trailer for his latest Netflix effort, Hustle.

The inspirational sports hokum sees Sandler as an aging Philadelphia 76ers scout who thinks he’s found the next big thing in a new Spanish recruit (actual Spanish NBA star Juancho Hernangómez). He’s also married to similarly court-adjacent Just Wright star Queen Latifah. Adding further hoopin’ cred, numerous NBA players make appearances, and LeBron James is an executive producer alongside Sandler. Everyone prominently involved in this film has almost certainly touched a basketball.

True to Sandler form, he also has a slightly-too-goofy name (Stanley Sugarman this time) and dresses entirely for his own sloppy comfort. It is a Happy Madison subsidiary production, after all. You can take the athletic shorts out of the man, but you can’t take the man out of the athletic shorts.

Hustle hits Netflix and select theaters June 8.

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