Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan should be hiding their faces in The Iron Mask

Well, here’s an odd, confusing, terrible-looking thing.

The Iron Mask does not tell the famous French tale of the Man in the Iron Mask. It’s a sequel to a film released in the UK as The Forbidden Kingdom. But, though it features Jackie Chan, it is somehow not a sequel to Jackie Chan’s 2008 The Forbidden Kingdom. This is a sequel to a Russian production known in its home country is Viy 3D. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger is in it as Englishman who sounds suspiciously Austrian.

Again, it’s very odd and very confusing.

And terrible-looking!

See for yourself with this first trailer, which makes abundantly clear that Chan and Schwarzenegger are in this for exactly one scene before it turns into an entirely different movie about a CGI dragon.

Charles Dance and Jason Flemyng also appear as the sole holdovers from the first film, apparently.

This embarrassment does not yet have a US release date, but those in the UK can catch it on-demand or—again, confusing—in actual theaters starting April 10.

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