Bill Skarsgård to lead latest The Crow reboot attempt

Looks like Bill Skarsgård is getting another layer of white foundation.

The It star is reportedly set to take the lead role in the long, long developing reboot of The Crow.  He’ll play Eric Draven, a musician brutally murdered alongside his fiancée. A crow resurrects him and, adopting a sort of goth Juggalo look, he goes out for vengeance. FKA Twigs is set to play the fiancée, who it’s said now has a larger part than just being raped and killed. Rupert Sanders is the latest director saddled with this cursed project.

Various reboot attempts have been in the works since as early as 2008, so there’s plenty of reason to be dubious of the new adaptation’s chances of being any good—or even being made at all. But this latest stab does seem to be edging closer in both regards. Production is already being planned for a June shoot date, and given that Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Mark Wahlberg, and, most recently, Jason Momoa were previously up for the lead, Skarsgård’s lean, intense look is certainly a step in the right, less beefy casting direction. Seriously, how insane would it have been if a guy out for revenge against gleefully violent criminals was played by a now 50-year-old man who’s on-record for having committed several violent hate crimes?

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