Fast/Furious to close on Justin Lin-directed eleventh chapter

Vin sneers goodbye in Furious 7

It’s official: The Fast/Furious franchise will be an eleven-film ride from drag racing to whatever it is that’s going on at this point. Like, they’re sci-fi secret agents or something?

As teased by Vin Diesel back in February, it seems the upcoming F9 will be followed by what will presumably be titled Fas10 the Furious, a two-parter that will likewise presumably deliver The Last of the Furious—an end to the most outrageous film series ever accidentally invented.

While it will be sad to see Fast/Furious close with merely rough quarter-century of ridiculous content, there is some good news: Justin Lin, the director responsible for all the series’ heights, will close it out. Prominently-featured Corona cheers to that.

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