Gerard Butler’s Has Fallen franchise may dump six or more films on us

After consuming twin White House Down in the womb of the box office*, Olympus Has Fallen is going on to what may be a long, long, far too long life.

Speaking at the American Film Market’s finance conference, producer and Earth’s only Gerard Butler uber-fanboy (literally all 18 of this producing credits include Butler, and—surprise—he’s Butler’s manager too!) announced plans to extend Butler’s inexplicably successful [Whatever the Fuck] Has Fallen trilogy into another trilogy, with no end in sight.

Siegel reportedly said that his self-titled production company is “looking at a fourth, fifth and even sixth entry in the series” about Butler growling through a strained American accent as he continues to save the President or whatever. In a hope to boost the film’s international box office, Siegel also hopes to sell the concept—which, again, was done already by another film in the same year—to foreign markets, the plan being to later bring those international stars into the cinematic universe of Mike Banning, which it turns out Butler’s name in the original films.

So, presumably, get ready for: Cradle Has Fallen (in which Banning’s baby has been abducted, and is destined to become President), Angel Has Ascended (in which Banning is thought dead from the last movie, but then he returns to save the POTUS), and Asteroid Has Fallen (in which Banning does Armageddon by shooting some space rock out of the sky before it strikes the White House).

*While WHD had the bigger turnout, it was a far less profitable venture.

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