Harry Styles heads in sad direction in My Policeman trailer

Well, Harry Styles has been formally absolved of publicly spitting on Chris Pine, so on to promoting his next movie: it’s the trailer for Amazon Prime’s My Policeman!

Based on Bethan Roberts’s novel of the same name, the film sees Styles as Tom, a late ‘50s policeman in a love triangle where only one side really has much to do with love. Though he marries schoolteacher Marion (Emma Corrin), he is actually in love with museum curator Patrick (David Dawson, looking like Matthew Goode-Enough), but can’t pursue that openly due to, you know, this being the ‘50s. So just whose policeman is this fella, right?

Fast-forward to the ‘90s, now the trio is respectively played by Linus Roache, Gina McKee, and Rupert Everett. And, you won’t believe this, but there’s still some tension about the whole closeted love affair, loveless marriage, and Marion getting Patrick arrested for indecency. Replace “Policeman” with “Jedi” and it’s a hell of a Star Wars: Episode II and III we’ve got here.

Sadly, like its own love story, it arrives decades belated for that joyous story. My Policeman instead hits theaters October 21 before streaming November 4.

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