He’s All That trailer: Rachael Leigh Cook and Matthew Lillard return to give She’s All That a makeover

Pygmalion gave us My Fair Lady, which gave us She’s All That, and now there’s yet another makeover of this makeover story. See for yourself with the trailer for Netflix’s She’s All That.

As implicit in the title, this one gender swaps the overly-familiar tale. It also drags it into modern trends such that this will soon feel even more dated than the ’99 model.

Highest-earning TikTok icon Addison Rae all-too-aptly stars as a social media influencer whose boyfriend cheats on her amid an Instagram-adjacent live music video shoot. Ugh. She moans that she’s who made him the dubiously-stylish guy he is anyway, and a friend challenges her to do it again. The target? The “weird, antisocial, total disaster” (long-haired, perpetually-capped Tanner Buchanan) who’s a dork in the same way Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker was—in that he shuffles around with an old camera but is very clearly attractive and incredibly shredded. But while Parker was always carrying around a skateboard, this guy’s affected mode of transport is completely out of left field. Apparently he’s a horse guy? Wouldn’t peg him for it, but alright.

Anyway, you all know how the story goes. She’s All That’s Rachael Leigh Cook and Matthew Lillard also appear respectively as Rae’s mom and a prom chaperone, but for some reason they aren’t playing the same characters. Why spoil the chance to create an All That cinematic universe?

He’s All That hits Netflix August 27.

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