I Think You Should Leave trailer promises more hot hot-dog action

From I Think You Should Leave’s now meme-preserved hot dog car crash to the woefully overlooked Detroiters’ numerous mentions of hot dogs, Tim Robinson’s love for meat tubes is undeniable. And judging by this trailer, it looks like it will be on display once again for I Think You Should Leave’s soon-to-arrive second season—which also sees Robinson wonderfully return to themes like Sam Richardson hosting things, spooky shit, dinner parties, funerals, a petulant Patti Harrison, and, of course, all sorts of cussing and shouting. That, despite all the recurring themes, the new season seems to avoid the temptation to actually bring back any popular sketches (to inevitably diminishing returns) is just the mustard on this dog.

Shove it down your throat when I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson’s new episodes hit Netflix July 6. Fingers crossed we also get the recurring theme of Conner O’Malley screaming.

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