It takes some Batmen to raise a child in The Tender Bar trailer

Batmen George Clooney and Ben Affleck have teamed up for what is, surprisingly, not a politically-charged thriller sure for awards contention. It’s just some schmaltzy coming-of-age thing about a kid learning “the male sciences” from his uncle instead of his deadbeat dad.

Directed by Clooney, The Tender Bar sees Affleck as a bartender (get it???) tending to his nephew, teaching him such so-called male sciences as literacy. Tye Sheridan plays the college-age version of the nephew, who takes the book-readin’ lesson to heart and pursues a writing career. The film is based on the memoir of the same name by J. R. Moehringer, so good job, Ben Affleck: your barside mentoring worked!

The Tender Bar hits Amazon Prime January 7.

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