James McAvoy is improvising his way through a My Boy remake

Time to found out whether James McAvoy would have made it onto a UCB house team. The Split star is reportedly set to star in director Christian Carion’s remake of his own My Son, a French thriller with the behind-the-scenes gimmick that its lead doesn’t get a script.

McAvoy will be improvising the story of a single dad whose son goes missing, sending him to his ex-wife’s town for answers. To punctuate that he’s “a man whose life is clouded by mystery,” the actor will only know basic elements of the story, making his reactions authentically in-the-moment. Claire Foy will reunite with her MacBeth stage co-star to play the ex in this daring repeat experiment in what happens when you don’t trust an actor to simply do their job. Like, you know actors are supposed to be able to give authentic reactions anyway, right? That is what they are paid to do. You could write into the script how James McAvoy should react, and he would do that for you. That is his career, but okay.

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