Mary Elizabeth Winstead gets her John Wick with the Kate trailer

The latest attempt at making a new John Wick is here. Have a look with the trailer for Netflix’s Kate.

Our latest bit of gun-foolery sees an impressively hard-nosed Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the unstoppable titular assassin at its center. Her drive to rack up an unfathomable body count? Someone poisoned her, and she only has roughly 14 hours to get revenge (and just as likely an antidote, so Netflix can turn this into a franchise) before she’ll die. So at least this take has the “one crazy night” thing going for it—along with a slick Tokyo setting. There’s also Woody Harrelson, doing his Woody Harrelson thing that seems to be in every other movie now.

Could be fun! But probably worth noting that this isn’t directed by the Wick guys or any other noted action or martial arts icon. It’s from the guy whose only movie is The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

Still! John Wick and Atomic Blonde’s David Leitch is a producer. And while director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan’s Snow White and the Huntsman sequel is nothing to write home about, the former VFX artist does seem to have an eye for visuals. Also, it’s just on Netflix, so may as well check it out when it starts streaming September 10.

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