Michael Cera and John Early join A24 comedy with a hell of a pedigree

Well, here’s a promising collaboration of dark comedy-makers and Alia Shawkat co-conspirators. Michael Cera and John Early are reportedly set to star in Jonty!, an A24 comedy Eric Wareheim is directing from a script by Peep Show creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong. What a confluence of awkward white TV duo creators and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp/At Home with Amy Sedaris side characters!

It’s said “the story follows a naïve and vacuous man named Jonty (Cera) who discovers that his high-powered job and adoring friends are actually a ruse paid for by his billionaire father, prompting Jonty to head to New York to make his own fortune.” Early co-stars as an old high school friend, now an off-Broadway theater usher, who convinces Jonty to finance his stage production.

Hot Rod and MacGruber‘s Erin David is producing, so if this talent doesn’t make this thing a hilarious cult classic, someone really fucked up.

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