Moonfall trailer delivers the world-ending cosmic crash we need

The effete satire and bombastic preaching of Adam McKay’s highly-watched but highly-decried Don’t Look Up is not what anyone wants or needs right now. Yes, Adam, we all understand that mankind and Earth itself are on the verge of being destroyed through a mix of political ineptitude, corporate power, and simple greed. Presenting that case through a slightly different world-ending lens than the phoropter of other world-ending lenses we already have going was not as clever as you think it was.

Thankfully, here’s disaster artist Roland Emmerich to save us from that catastrophe with his own end-of-the-world cosmic collision that isn’t trying to be clever at all. It’s just as gleefully dumb as everything else he’s done!

With his latest, Moonfall, the 2012, Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla, and Independence Day director returns to his usual bedlam of some massive disaster hitting Earth. This time, it’s the moon slipping from orbit and colliding with our planet. To put a hat on a hat, the reason this is happening is because of some flowing, “intelligent” mass of charcoal-colored voxels. Naturally, the only way to stop all this is by getting the now-estranged best and handsomest astronaut (Patrick Wilson) to team up with the best and sexiest NASA executive (Halle Berry) and a comic relief conspiracy theorist (John Bradley). And you’d better believe that there’s also gonna be some panicked people driving away from the exploding ground beneath them.

In other words, it is exactly what we need right now: something marginally stupider than reality.

Moonfall will see man fight moon February 4.

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