Sylvester Stallone does a dated superhero thing in Amazon’s Samaritan trailer

In Samaritan, a 76-year-old Sylvester Stallone plays a once-beloved action hero who admits, “Things start to fall apart when you stop caring. And I stopped caring a long time ago.” You’d swear it must be a winking meta moment, but by all evidence, it is not. It’s just another pointless moment in a movie Sylvester Stallone has made in the decades since he stopped caring.

Take a look with the trailer for Samaritan!

Stallone stars as a former superhero who’s been in hiding for a quarter-century, switching careers to become a garbage man. But now he’s back in his own garbage straight-to-Prime movie!

This thing 100% looks like it should have come out in 1999, nestled between the semi-grounded comic book take of 2000’s Unbreakable and the hammer-wielding superhero in a crappy MF Doom costume of Shaq’s 1997 Steel. As much a bygone relic as its long-retired protagonist. Samaritan may as well be an exclusive DVD release for Circuit City.

Alas, it will instead hit Prime Video August 26.

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