Natasha Romanoff is Bourne again in the Black Widow trailer

Black Widow is done running from her past!

She has unfinished business!

She has to go back to where it all started!

She’s ready to confront herself by pensively staring into a dismally lit mirror!

She… you get the idea. She’s in a rote post-millennium secret agent action-thriller.

Presumably taking place sometime between her joining S.H.I.E.L.D. and splattering into a puddle, Black Widow sees Scarlett Johansson’s titular superhero return to Mother Russia, Father David Harbour, and Sister Florence Pugh, and other Mother Rachel Weisz. Harbour plays a past-his-prime Red Guardian—the defunct Soviet equivalent of Captain America—with Pugh and Weisz as Black Widow training program alumnae themselves. Like with the Bourne movies, Knight & Day, and whatever else, the situation leads to doing some cool motorcycle sequences in an architecturally beautiful European locale.

We’ll see whether this latest introduction of a big red David Harbour superhero works out better than Hellboy when Black Widow hits theaters this May.

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