Netflix adding ads, bleeding customers, spending tons on Stranger Things

Netflix is continuing to put in the work to go from being so synonymous with streaming that they get their own default remote button to being somehow worse than the Amazon-owned alternative.

Thanks to ever rising subscription prices, ever more canceled series, and fewer and fewer available movies, the company reportedly lost more than 200,000 customers last quarter, and anticipate losing over two million this quarter. Their solution to turn things around? Advertisements!

According to Deadline, Netflix’s plan to get customers back is to offer discounted plans that will, for the first time on the service, include ads. Perhaps subscribers will gleefully return if it means they can save $2 a month and watch a Mucinex commercial partway through every episode of Is It Cake?? So we’ll learn in “the next year or two!”

Should the plan work, it should, if nothing else, offset the cost of the next season of Stranger Things—because do you know how much Netflix is playing to keep going with this waning series we’ve grown increasingly lukewarm to? The Wall Street Journal does, and they say it’s about $30 million an episode. Who knew it cost so much for the poison that keeps Finn Wolfhard from growing stubble?

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